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Bad Breath

Bad breath in pets can be caused by a digestive problem or be a sign that your pet needs better dental care.

Bad Breath

Most pet owners associate bad breath with dogs. However, it’s not just dogs that suffer from bad breath as cat’s breath can just as stinky.

Here are the main causes of bad breath in pets:

Dental or gum disease
Just like humans, dogs and cats need to keep their teeth clean to avoid a buildup of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Usually, you can buy kibble or synthetic bones that pets chew on to help remove tartar and plaque.

Kidney disease
Kidney disease can cause your dog’s or cat’s breath to become smelly. This happens because waste products aren’t eliminated effectively by the kidneys and they build up in the bloodstream. This, in the end, comes out through your pet’s breath.

Your pet’s bad breath could be due to the fact that they are suffering from diabetes. When your pet’s body can’t produce enough insulin, high levels of a blood acid called ketones form. This causes your cat or dog’s breath to have an unusual, fruity sweet smell.

Something stuck in the mouth
If any foreign object is stuck in your pet’s mouth, it will start to decay and rot, causing your pet’s breath to stink. For example, it’s common for cats to get bits of grass stuck in the back of their throat or between their teeth. Splintered bones or pieces of stick can get lodged between teeth and cause foul breath.