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Veterinary Services

Mild Lameness

Mild lameness typically refers to a condition in which an individual or animal experiences slight difficulty or discomfort while walking or moving.

Mild Lameness

Lameness can occur for various reasons, including injury, strain, or underlying medical conditions.

Overuse or sudden exertion can lead to muscle strains, resulting in mild lameness. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) can help alleviate symptoms.

Conditions such as arthritis or bursitis can cause inflammation and discomfort in the joints, leading to mild lameness. Anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications may be recommended.

Hairline fractures or minor bone injuries can cause mild lameness. Immobilization, pain management, and monitoring for proper healing may be necessary.

Cuts, bruises, or foreign objects lodged in the foot or paw can cause mild lameness. Call our clinic for further information.