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Coughing, Sneezing

If your cat and dog’s sneezes are more than occasional or are accompanied by blood or mucus, or if your pet has a concurrent discharge from his eyes or also has a cough, the sneeze may be a sign of more significant problems.
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Coughing, Sneezing

Whether you’re concerned, or just curious, read on for some possible reasons why your pet might sneeze:

A simple, benign tickle This may be the most obvious cause of sneezing. A simple tickle in the pet’s nose, such as a bit of dust or a mild chemical irritant, can cause a reflexive sneeze. Please think of the animated pet that sneezes when he inhales a bit of pepper. This kind of sneezing is not unlike scratching a tickle or an itch.

Respiratory infections Another common cause of sneezing is associated with a respiratory infection, most often a viral infection. That’s right, our feline friends can get colds too.

likely infectious diseases include:

  • Herpes virus
  • Calicivirus
  • Chlamydia infections
  • Bacterial infections such as Mycoplasma

Less commonly seen fungal infections can also cause sinus disease that results in nasal inflammation. Viral respiratory infections may be accompanied by a cough and even more commonly by excessive tearing or discharge accumulating in the eyes.