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Ear Infections – Head Shaking, Ear Discharge

Both cats and dogs can develop ear infections that cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. These infections can sometimes recur, depending on a number of factors.
photo vet checking cat's ear condition

Ear Infections – Head Shaking, Ear Discharge

Head shaking, difficulty chewing, pawing at the ears, and impairment of normal balance are the most common signs your pet may be dealing with an ear infection. In addition, you may notice an odor coming from your pet’s ears, the oozing of fluid, redness, and scaling of ear tissues. The animals may scratch at the ears constantly or vocalize in discomfort when their ears are touched.

Otitis media is a problem in the middle ear, while otitis interna is an inflammation of the inner ear. Long-eared breeds of dogs are often susceptible to these infections because of the poor circulation of air into the ear canal. Bacteria, viruses, fungus, mites, allergies, and injury to the ear can set the stage for infection.

Some animals with metabolic disorders may be prone to ear infections. Excessive wax or foreign bodies stuck in the ear can also cause infection.